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Megapixel VR is an innovative technology partner dedicated to delivering fast-tracked, customized, state-of-the-art LED displays and processing to the world’s leading entertainment, film & TV, and architectural applications. 


Our unrivaled team of engineers and designers consistently delivers the most unique and breakthrough LED solutions to market, helping our visionary clients bring their ideas to life in ways that inspire a sense of wonder and make the seemingly impossible possible. With over 200 patents and award wins from Live Design, the Emmys, and the Oscars, we endeavor to always be at the forefront of digital displays and technology for which we set the bar as the industry standard.


We provide superior product design development, manufacturing expertise, and successful deployment to deliver unsurpassed visual performance for any project and look forward to making the world’s next iconic projects a reality.

Innovation Timeline

Creative LED

Versa TUBE made history as the first linear, mappable video fixture. Created at Element Labs, our cofounder Jeremy Hochman’s visionary first startup, many of our team members were part of the core group to bring Versa TUBE to life.

The team also proved that LEDs could be beautiful with Versa TILE, which quickly became synonymous with high-end architectural backdrops with it’s glassy front surface. Versa TUBE and Versa TILE soon appeared in award-winning music videos, art installations, Super Bowl halftime shows and beyond.

Pixel Mapping

When the Creative LED Industry was in its infancy, no software or hardware existed to map video pixels into arbitrary physical space. Our team members were among the pioneers who saw this gap as an opportunity to develop groundbreaking technology.

In 2003, while at Element Labs, many of our team members were part of the skunkworks crew that invented RasterMapper, the industry’s first pixel mapping software. A true software trailblazer, RasterMapper allowed for creative fixture placement along with the video and data distribution hardware to run true video signals to the fixtures.

See-Through Displays

In 2006, Element Labs created the breakthrough technology of a transparent video display called Stealth, and it soon changed the entire LED landscape. Designers had never before seen a product that allowed them to have artistic control over video elements and use them as if they were traditional scrim materials.

Stealth quickly became the most sought-after video display tile in the world and was one of the most widely adopted and used scenic elements at the time.

Unibody LED

Identifying a need for usability and easy assembly within the LED market, Hochman and his trusty band of innovators at Element Labs designed Cobra ,the first ultra thin, die-cast unibody LED panel with an integrated latching mechanism. Soon after Barco acquired Element Labs, the Cobra tile was the highest shipping volume LED tile in the world in the 2000’s.

Seeing the potential for ultimately making an impossibly-thin display, the RS Series was soon born while many of our team members were at Revolution Display. The RS Series was the first full Rec2020 display, complete with integrated hybrid cable technology, and it is still regarded as one of the most innovative LED tiles for high performance award-winning architectural installations.

Ultralight LED

Cobra’s unibody design, was heralded as being incredibly lightweight compared to other products on the market at the time. However, our designers soon started to think up ways they could further spark an industry disruption and make an even more feather-light LED product.

In 2012, the Revolution Display Carbon and Air products disrupted the industry and became the first tiles to incorporate aerospace-grade materials into LED frames. Creating an ultralight framing system that allowed for quick and easy assembly as well as minimal structure, a new industry standard was set.


The M8 Platform was the first 4K LED processor with integrated fiber and made the MGM Cotai installation possible. This award-winning application has a processing capacity of close to a quarter billion pixels. Many of our star engineers were involved in the development of this product, which won the Live Design Product of the Year Award in 2015.

In 2019, Megapixel VR debuted the HELIOS LED Processing Platform capable of driving over 35 million pixels from a single rack unit, with stacking features to drive an unlimited pixel canvas for the most demanding and critical applications. HELIOS is quickly becoming the gold standard for color accurate HDR workflows.


200+ Patents

Design and Utility

Air:Carbon IMG_0713

Emmy Win

for Sports Broadcasting Technology

front-row-cam8 (1)

Oscar Win

for Visual Effects Technology


Live Design Win

Installation Excellence Award

Our Team

Jeremy Hochman

CEO & Innovator

20 years experience

LED Video Design & Manufacturing


Executive Director R&D, VER

Director of Product Management, Barco

Founder, Element Labs (acquired by Barco)



Major Product Accomplishments

All VER / Revolution Display LED systems

Element Labs COBRA tile / Barco C-Series

World’s first creative mapping software (RasterMAPPER)

Keith Harrison

Keith Harrison


30 years experience

LED Video Operations


Executive Director LED, VER

Managing Director, PSL Los Angeles

Managing Director, Gearhouse Los Angeles



Major Product Accomplishments

MGM Macau – Spectacular, Dynamic Theater, Exterior

Radio City Music Hall, NYC

Coldplay “A Head Full of Dreams” Tour