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Makes the impossible possible

Green Screen, Hidden Tracking, and Multiple Sources

Great journeys start with dreaming of possibilities rather than being constrained by what you can’t do. Aiming to make the “impossible” possible, GhostFrame’s patented process creates simplified, more efficient, and faster workflows.

Sound like magic? It is.

Combine hidden Chromakey, hidden Tracking, and Multiple Source video feeds into a single production frame. You choose which elements are visible to the human eye and which are visible only to the camera. GhostFrame unlocks unlimited creativity, while remaining comfortable for on-set actors and crew. Combining the strengths and possibilities of LED and camera technology, GhostFrame enables creative and powerful use of video and broadcast technology. Read the press release.

Green Screen

Create a hidden Green Screen with GhostFrame Chroma. Add a full chromakey subframe along with your video feed. A hidden chromakey enables real-time post production workflows without burdening playback systems or reducing pixel capacity.

Hidden Tracking

Integrated camera tracking with zero installation time through the absence of physical markers. GhostFrame Track adds a hidden tracking pattern to the LED volume for camera tracking without reducing pixel capacity.


Enjoy the unbelievable possibilities of multiple video sources. GhostFrame MultiSource adds up to four different hidden video feeds to your content source, which can be captured simultaneously by one or more cameras.