adidas x Prada Tetracube Wows at ComplexCon with Megapixel VR Technology

Video and Photos courtesy of dotdotdash

November 2021; Burbank, CAdotdotdash and Superlumenary created a kinetic experience for adidas x Prada’s return to ComplexCon 2021. The Tetracube installation, featuring two robotic arms of rubix cube-esque LED sculptures, utilized custom 1.6mm LED modules provided by Megapixel. The modules incorporated proprietary rec2020 mini-LED technology and were powered by the HELIOS LED Processing Platform. 

“We loved Megapixel’s custom LED solution. Their team was collaborative, and responsive and the end product was beautiful – definitely the best LED product on the show floor. Their HELIOS processor made the setup fast and easy, and the color performance of the diodes was some of the best we’ve seen,” says Adam Paikowsky of dotdotdash. He continued, “Between dotdotdash, Superlumenary, and Megapixel, we had an absolute dream team. Everyone was amazing and we can’t wait to work together on more bleeding-edge creative projects!” 

Jeremy Hochman, CEO of Megapixel, adds, “Working together with dotdotdash and Superlumenary was fantastic, and I’m amazed with this team of people. I can’t wait to see what they dream of next!”

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