HELIOS & PX1 Software v21.05.0 Now Available!

HELIOS® LED Processing Platform

Just released…
HELIOS & PX1 Software v21.05.0


Our newest software release for HELIOS & PX1 is here! This one has new and improved goodies we know you have been waiting for, plus a little magic.

HELIOS NanoSync™

NanoSync™ gives users the most accurate sync control of any LED system. HELIOS has always synchronized the actual light output of the LED tile to the video or genlock source, and now you can dial in offsets by the nanosecond.

HELIOS Ultra Low Latency

Ultra Low Latency allows for as low as 1 frame of delay through the entire system chain without the need for custom EDIDs or high frame rates from the source.

GhostFrame Icon

Movie Magic! Get ready for something that will revolutionize In-Camera Visual Effects! Keep watching this week as we share more.


Over 70 additional features and improvements.

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